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MAS / Delivery


Mas Delivery is an order fulfillment provider for eCommerce businesses, which uses technology based 3PL party logistics to accept your goods in bulk from your wholesale suppliers, automatically process your orders, choose the proper inventory, and then pack and ship it to your customers. Clients have the ability to integrate their online store import their orders, then send information to and from their customers as needed.
We support multiple platforms for your online store: Amazon, EBay, Shopify, Walmart and many others

Mas Delivery operates a network of shipping agents in the United States, and by using these our clients are able to take advantage of splitting up their inventories over several locations in the U.S. when they need to get their products from one location to another fast and within budget. We keep the costs down for you by giving you the capability of storing your inventory close by your buyers, which also lowers costs. This ability to split your inventory additionally helps our clients be more competitive because it enables 2-day shipping to speed up your orders. An automatic algorithm calculates the best carrier and shipping agent so your customers get the lowest possible shipping price, as well as the fastest delivery. Our clients note that this process has meant a 50 percent savings for their budget.

Once we ship your customer’s order, the tracking process goes to you for management. Plus, if your buyers need to return any part of their order, we supply all the services necessary to provide shipping labels, tracking and inspection procedure for those returns. Then we make sure the returns are processed quickly and correctly and get 80% of them back into your inventory so you can sell them.

One of the best perks is that we provide the software which covers 99% of your order management and shipping needs is 100% free. As a client of Mas Delivery you get access to a management dashboard to monitor and manage your store’s products, shipments, order status, etc. This provides efficient and smooth fulfillment from your online store direct to your buyer’s door:

  • 50% savings for
    shipping budget
  • 80% returns get into
    your inventory
  • All you needed service
    is free

Link your store

Link your store to our platform so we get your supplier’s products. All logistics is run through our locations in the US


We manage and prepare your store’s inventory


Our staff chooses, packs and then ships those orders and gets them out quickly to your US customers


Your buyers place their orders via your online store

How We Operate

Fulfillment may look and seem perplexing, however we make it simple to understand. We have designed easy to follow steps that explain the simplicity of the fulfillment process. All you have to do in return is concentrate on the marketing and sales of your products, and leave the rest of the process to us.

Our SaaS platform syncs up seamlessly to your shopping cart software via a fully customized API full-service process which imports orders automatically. Then the orders get picked, packed, and shipped with no delays or hesitations. You’ll love the fact the whole process is totally scalable and you can customize it to your needs. Therefore, our clients always get a guarantee of fantastic service for all their orders even if your business is growing and expanding.

You can concentrate on the marketing and sales of your products, and leave the rest of the process to us


Your business produces, imports or sources products in the United States.

You can also ship your inventory straight from your suppliers to Mas Delivery.

We will unload your goods and will ship it further by taking advantage of low shipping rates.


Our shipping agents receive your products, prepare them for shipping and inspect for any issues.

Your order fulfillment process begins. We pack all orders via strict customized protocol.

Mas Delivery also processes all possible returns and exchanges.


Our automatic algorithm calculates the top method of shipping and gives you the lowest shipping rate.

Your customers receive their shipping confirmations and tracking information.

Your customers receive their orders and are very happy.


You integrate all your order fulfillment channels with our SaaS platform.

You manage your orders and inventory in your user-friendly online dashboard

Mas Delivery services assist clients in optimizing their budget and time, while your customers get great service beyond their expectations.


At times, you may be working on some sort of unique project that requires Mas Delivery to do various jobs for you such as preparing your inventory, labeling products, repacking orders, inspecting returns, as well as multiple other possible tasks you may not have planned for. No worries, Mas Delivery shipping agents stand ready with skilled staff who are constantly ready to support any need, whether easy or complicated.

Pay on Demand

You never have to be concerned about paying too much when you work with us, as we never charge you for services you didn’t use. For example, if business is slow and you only ship one or two items this month, that’s all you pay a choose and pack fee for! And we can handle any sized order fast and efficiently whether it’s one or ten thousand orders at a time via our excellent bandwidth capabilities.

Shipping is Cost-Efficient and Flexible

Prior to shipping out your customers’ orders, we’ll provide you a comprehensive selection of options allowing you to pick the carrier you prefer. You’ll have a choice of everything from the lowest costing supplier to the supplier that ships the fastest or slowest. It’s all up to your needs and budget. You have total control at all times, so you get perfect peace of mind. All this is made available via Mas Delivery’s vast background and the expert shipping agent network we work with in order to deliver top services to our clients.

  • Total control of your
    shippings at all times
  • Shipping optimization
    auto algorithms
  • Combine all kinds of
    carrier solutions
Customers get two-day ground shipments

Quick, flexible shipping choices

Through Mas Delivery you can deliver a wide range of shipping choices, along with giving them a skilled and expert delivery process. Our program rates all your orders, along with optimizing each one with our automatic algorithm via many different factors so you save both money and time.

Orders get same-day handling

If your order gets to the proper shipping agent prior to the stated cutoff time, it is guaranteed to be shipped out that day.

Choice of carriers, as well as optimization of all orders

We utilize all kinds of carrier solutions so you can reach your desired level of service. This lowers your cost and optimizes your results.

Ground as well as expedited deliveries

Customers get two-day ground shipments when you select from Mas Delivery vast shipping agent network.

Worldwide trade and fulfillment

Mas Delivery clients can transact business worldwide via our global supply chain via one integration point.

We enable discounted rates with
different carriers