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MAS / Delivery

Reverse logistics

Amazon is a perfect place to reach one of the biggest consumer markets in the world: the American online shopper. But for overseas sellers, navigating the returns process can be hard. When you sell through Amazon, one of their vendor requirements is that you have a local US address for customers to ship returns to, or you have to be willing to eat the cost of the international shipping for the customer. That can quickly become expensive for you.
We’ll provide you with a cheap, easy and fast US address for returns and complete management software

As your business grows into more of a brand name, your returns process will change as well. But if you’re a fledgling company, using Amazon’s FBA can be a great move that helps you keep customers happy. Mas Delivery can help you meet their standards by providing you with a virtual US address for customers to use. Customers will send their returns back to one of our shipping agents. We’ll then handle the processing of returns, from inspection to repackaging to prepaid shipping labels. We can also help you resell returned products to help keep your bottom line strong.

Keep returns simple by working with a dedicated logistics team that understands how to streamline the fulfillment process. With our company as your local representative, all you have to do is send us your product. Our shipping agents will process it and send it along to your customer or the Amazon FBA center. It’s simple, affordable, and stress-free.


You have complete control over your returns process, your disposition process, and even aftermarket channels


Our teams are made up of some of the most experienced logistic minds in the field, with years of experience in the international shipping businesses.


We’ll give you guidance and support to help you master the returns process and even use it to recoup income

How Returns Work

Fulfillment may look and seem perplexing, however we make it simple to understand. We have designed easy to follow steps that explain the simplicity of the fulfillment process. All you have to do in return is concentrate on the marketing and sales of your products, and leave the rest of the process to us.

Our SaaS platform syncs up seamlessly to your shopping cart software via a fully customized API full-service process which imports orders automatically. Then the orders get picked, packed, and shipped with no delays or hesitations. You’ll love the fact the whole process is totally scalable and you can customize it to your needs. Therefore, our clients always get a guarantee of fantastic service for all their orders even if your business is growing and expanding.


When the customer sends in the return, it goes to one of our shipping agents at the US address. They’ll send you a photo inspection of the item, and you can decide whether it can be restocked or is defective or spoiled. Instead of just trashing all returns, grading their condition can go a long way toward cutting costs, and it keeps your inventory full and available.


If the item is defective or spoiled, we’ll recycle it within 48 hours, so you never need to worry about having unauthorized products out there.


Everything your customer needs to return the item, from shipping labels to tracking numbers, is provided by one of our friendly customer service agents.

We’ll then send your customer automatic updates about replacements or refunds.


Because you’ll get photographic evidence of the return, you can decide how to categorize the return yourself as a company, instead of solely relying on our shipping agent’s opinion.

Why Return Inspection Matters

Customers love using Amazon FBA because it’s quick and easy for them. But if the item is categorized as “customer damage” it is automatically discarded, and, in a lot of cases, these items are still sellable. At Mas Delivery, we’re able to handle this for you. We’ll inspect and photograph the return, advise you of any damage, and let you make the call as to whether to restock or discard. If you’d rather have the discarded items shipped back to you, we can do that too.

Don't miss out on profits, sell all suitable products with the Return Inspection service

Benefits of Doing Returns with Company Mas Delivery

  • Reduce “wrong item” returns through clear labeling and detail-oriented fulfillment procedures.
  • Get real time photo inspections to help determine the restock value of the returned item
  • See your inventory restocked faster, boosting your ROI
  • Get storage for returned items and have them returned to you in a bulk shipment, helping you cut shipping costs
  • Work with your own local US address to meet the FBA guidelines

It's simple

Getting a local US address is easier than you think. Simply signing up with Mas Delivery gets you your own virtual US address to facilitate returns and meet FBA standards. And with Mas Delivery, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll get support for every aspect of Amazon commerce, including:

  • Product Storage
  • Photo Inspections
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Returns Processing
  • Logistical Guidance
  • Consolidation and Re-packaging
  • Refurbishment
  • Support for all Amazon FBA functions